Storage Unit Layout


Storage King Bali Layout


Unit Types:

Locker Room Storage:
(Consolidated Storage)

Volume storage per 1m3 ( 35ft3 ) 100cm length x 100cm width x 100m depth cm.
Available for those looking to store individual items on short term basis.
Ideal for travelers or frequent visitors.
This is suitable for items such as, surfboards, suitcases, bikes & boxed items.

Surfboard : Rp100,000 per board
Stand up paddle : Rp150,000 per board
Push Bike : Rp150,000 per bike
Motor Bike : Rp250,000 per bike

approximate measures (width x depth x high )
Cabin Luggage (approx. 35 cm x 20 cm x 55 cm ) : Rp50,000 per case
Suitcase (approx.90 cm x 35 cm x 65 cm) : Rp150,000 per case

Box File ( 39 cm x 31 cm x 26 cm) : Rp40,000 per box
Box Small (44 cm x 38 cm x 30 cm) : Rp60,000 per box
Box Medium (58 cm x 32 cm x 46 cm) : Rp80,000 per box
Box Large (50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm) : Rp100,000 per box
Box Wardrobe (60 cm x 48 cm x 116 cm) : Rp150,000 per box
Box Wardrobe Tall (60 cm x 56 cm x 150 cm) : Rp200,000 per box

Other items calculated on volume, per 1m3 ( 35ft3 ) 100cm width x 100cm depth x 100m height cm.
Send us you item measurements width x depth x height and we will calculate monthly price.

PRICE : minimum Rp.200,000 per month / volume based.

Mini Unit

Approximately 12.5 m3 / 4.5 m2 ( 445 ft3 / 48 ft2 ) 1.5m front x 3m depth x 2.8m height.
This size is ideal for excess household items & business storage.
Fits items such as, surfboards, personal computer, documents, file storage & boxed items.

PRICE : Rp.650,000

Small Unit

Approximately 18 m3 / 6 m2 ( 635 ft3 / 65 ft2 ) 3m front x 2m depth x 3m height.
Perfect for those who need additional household space for storing items while renting out your Villa.
Store off-season clothing and accessories, seasonal decorations, factory equipment, or sporting gear.

PRICE : Rp.1,000,000

Standard Unit

Approximately 27 m3 / 9 m2 ( 954 ft3 /97 ft2 ) 3m front x 3m depth x 3m height.
Commonly used to store excess shop stock, household items or office files.
You can easily fit items such as, bed side tables, office files boxes, chairs, clothing or display Racks.

PRICE : Rp.1,350,000

Medium Unit

Approximately 34 m3 / 11.5 m2 ( 1200 ft3 / 124 ft2 ) 3m front x 3.8m depth x 3m height.
Ideal for storing items while renovating your Villa or factory.
Easily fits larger furniture items, such as couch, dresser, household d├ęcor, small factory machines.

PRICE : Rp.1,700,000

Large Unit

Approximately 60 m3 / 20 m2 ( 2119 ft3 or 215 ft2 ) 2.7m front x 7.5m depth x 3m height.
Holds large household furnishing, including some major appliances.
Limited availability. Ideal for Villa management customers and business storage solutions.

PRICE : Rp.3,000,000

Super Unit

Approximately 63 m3 / 21 m2 ( 2225 ft3 or 226 ft2 ) 3m front x 7m depth x 3m height.
Commonly requested for longer term storage solution.
Excess factory stock including small machinery, display racks & fittings, ideal for storing boxed items before shipping.

PRICE : Rp.3,150,000

Jumbo Unit

Approximately 105 m3 /35 m2 ( 3708 ft3 or 377 ft2 ) 5m front x 7m depth x 3m height.
Available on a limited basis. Ideal for commercial customers and business storage needs.

PRICE : Rp.5,100,000

Prices are per month.

See rental contract in store for terms and conditions.